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Dr. Kate Rohr
"It's Not About Me"

Wednesday Oct. 18, 2017

"It’s Not About Me!" - Dr. Kate Rohr on Transgender Identity

"It’s Not About Me!" - Dr. Kate Rohr on Transgender Identity

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Kathryn Rohr M.D., M.S.M.E. is a transgender woman featured with her wife, Linda Rohr, in National Geographic’s Gender Revolution. Dr. Rohr retired from private medical practice in 2015 after a 33-year career in orthopedic surgery, spanning military medical practice with the U.S. Navy, industry leadership within the public and private sectors, and private medical practice. Dr. Rohr resides in Maine, where she lends her unique medical perspective and expertise to her transgender advocacy work.

At Salem United Church of Christ, on Wednesday October 18, 2017, Dr. Rohr presented, “It’s Not About Me!” The talk focuses on the depatholization of transgender identity, and the need for a paradigm shift in the standards of care for transgender individuals and on psycho-social support for family members and community.


Dr. Rohr also discusses the scientific basis for understanding sexual and gender identity, and her own life-journey and transition at the age of 67. Dr. Rohr’s enduring 49-year marriage to her wife, Linda Rohr, is testament to the power of love to transcend gender and transition.


Dr. Rohr's presentation was offered as a public service by Salem United Church of Christ in the interest of raising awareness and understanding of the human rights of all persons regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity.

  • Watch a clip from the National Geographic Documentary, Gender Revolution, produced and hosted by Katie Couric. 

  • Watch a Washington Post video about Kate and Linda Rohr, "Truth and Transgender at 70." 


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