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Disaster Relief

United Church of Christ Disaster Ministries is an active member of National Voluntary Groups Active in Disasters (VOAD). 


One of UCC Disaster Ministries goals is to support our network of conferences, associations, and congregations in being prepared for disaster. It shares preparedness materials, offers support, and raises educational awareness. In the immediate aftermath of a disaster, it shares updates and information with partners, donors, and supporters, and encourages financial giving for long-term recovery.

UCC Disaster Ministries works hard to fill gaps in services during the early phases of disasters (days – months), providing grants to certain partners, churches, and conferences along with technical expertise and networking opportunities, but the primary focus is on long-term recovery (months - years); arguably the most costly phase of the disaster and at the same time the most under-resourced.

In long-term recovery, UCC Disaster Ministries provides grants and seed funding for local LTRG development, trains and deploys volunteers to support community recovery, and provides disaster volunteer opportunities for mission groups. It focuses on these areas, to fill gaps, take a holistic approach to recovery, and walk with the most vulnerable survivors as they embark on the long journey of healing and restoration. UCC Disaster Ministries is there when the cameras have left, the future seems hopeless, and the reality of recovery remains. 

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