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Pledging FAQs

Our vibrant congregation is entirely self-funded.

That means our church changes lives because of people like YOU.

What is a “pledge” or "sustaining gift?"
Basically, it’s a commitment. You’re saying, “This is what I think I can give every week/month/year to help make this place that I love continue to transform lives.”


How much should I pledge?
Many people find it helpful to think in terms of giving a percentage of their income. Historically, Christians have tried to work up to giving away 10% of their income, but you may not be able to begin there. Many people find it helpful to start with something that feels like it’s a bit of a stretch and then work to increase their giving over time once they see how good it feels.


What are my options for automated giving?
Automated giving provides convenience for you and much-needed donation consistency for our congregation. There are three ways to set up automated giving:

1) Download an electronic transfer form and return the completed form to the church. This will authorize Salem to automatically withdraw a specified amount from your checking account.  

2) Set up regular donation through your bank’s bill pay feature.

3) Fill out a recurring donation using a credit card.*


*It is helpful to donate through your bank or EFT if possible as credit card companies charge a percentage of your donation as their fee.

How does pledging help the church? Why is it important to make this commitment?
Pledges help your church leaders make a plan for our ministry together in the coming year. We can act with more confidence if we know what’s likely to come in. Giving by automatic withdrawal helps even more, because we know it will be regular and dependable. We also know that giving is a spiritual discipline, and when you pledge (at any level!), you feel more ownership and empowerment to be part of the church. 

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